Diploma in Sonic Arts

Sound Design and Foley for CraveFX

Sound Design for Interactive

Scope of Work

Reawakening sonic landscapes, "The Unorthodox Sound" is a sound library project featuring a fusion of vocal talents, foley arts, synths, and innovative miking and post-production techniques. CraveFX approached the team to refresh their existing sound design assets, introducing unique sound elements akin to a Singaporean rojak. These sounds capture a true Singaporean essence, evoking familiar sights, sounds, and heartlands rarely encountered in typical online libraries.

Team Members

Shakthishree D/o Vijayasankar
Teo Tian En Sherman
Nabilah Syahirah Binte Mohd Abdillah
Fauzia Naseem
Muhammad Irshad Bin Rashid
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