Diploma in Design for Games & Gamification

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Entertainment Game - Digital

Scope of Work

"Starry Dream" is a pioneering mobile game dedicated to individuals battling Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Developed within a tight 11-week timeframe, the team's mission was not just to entertain but to enlighten. By seamlessly blending entertainment and education, the team created an accessible gaming experience that transcends boundaries. The team's goal was to shed light on the realities of MD and ignite compassion and generosity worldwide. By welcoming those affected by MD and the wider public, the game was created to foster empathy and rally tangible support. Join this journey where gaming intertwines with philanthropy, painting the sky with hope.

Team Members

Kang Yu Rui Colby
Muhammad Nur Afiq Bin Muhammad
Yap Min Xuan Pamela
Laycock Enhui Sarah
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