Diploma in Design for User Experience

Café @ Active Ageing Centre

Experience Design - Physical

Scope of Work

The team set out to boost awareness and foot traffic to the SASCO café, envisioning it as an inclusive space for both seniors and youths. Through a multifaceted approach, including social media, spatial redesigns, and a revamped website, they aimed to create an interactive hub. Leveraging augmented reality (AR) filters and interactive spaces, they sought to enhance engagement and attract a diverse audience. Spatial redesigns were implemented to foster a welcoming ambiance conducive to socializing. The revamped website served as a digital platform for event updates and information. By combining these strategies, the team aimed to transform the SASCO café into a vibrant community hub, where patrons of all ages can gather, connect, and enjoy memorable experiences.

Team Members

Zafirah Binte Shah Jahan
Lukman Nur Hakeem Bin Mohammad Shamsi
Zahra Surya Binte Saiful Bahri
Nurhaziq Bin Zamani
Al-khawarizmi Bin Noorhezam
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