Diploma in Design for User Experience

Payment System for Healthcare Services

Experience Design - Digital

Scope of Work

The project centered on revamping Tan Tock Seng Hospital's payment process for healthcare services, with a specific focus on meeting the needs of senior citizens. The team embarked on a mission to comprehend the attitudes, perceptions, and expectations of the Pioneer and Merdeka Generations regarding public healthcare payment. Vibrant brochures, attention-grabbing posters, and engaging infographic videos were crafted to inspire senior patients to embrace new payment methods. These models were designed to better accommodate their medical requirements and align with their preferences for managing healthcare expenses.

Team Members

Chidambaram Nachal
Chua Ying Fei
Bernice Lim Xuan Xuan
Tan Rennie
Nur Humaira Binte Jas Mahajas
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