Diploma in Arts & Theatre Management

Das Rheingold

Production Design

Scope of Work

The team created comprehensive costume designs, layouts, and renderings for all characters in the German Opera "Das Rheingold." This included crafting a prototype for one character for presentation to the Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) Head Costume Designer. The costumes aimed to portray each character's mythical and socio-economic status through creative and contemporary interpretations of costuming, hair, and makeup. The team's comprehensive approach ensured a visually captivating and conceptually rich representation that was aligned with the artistic vision of the opera.

Team Members

Fatin Hazira Binte Mohamad Juffery
G Surria Varooman S/o Gopal Oyyappan
Shanmugapiriyan S/o Manuker
Durrah Insyirah Bivi Bte I K
Vaishnavi C Kumar
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