Diploma in Arts & Theatre Management

Spin City

Production Management

Scope of Work

The team played a vital role in supporting Republic Polytechnic’s Interest Group, Electronic Music Production (EMP), during their DJ Showcase event, titled ‘SpinCity: Time Capsule.’ Tasked with event management, production coordination, and stage lighting, the team executed a flawless show. Their meticulous planning, comprehensive production documentation, and spectacular lighting design contributed to the immersive experience, effectively revisiting the music of the 2000s. The result was a memorable event that skillfully evoked nostalgic memories for the audience, showcasing the team's prowess in delivering a seamless and engaging production.

Team Members

Natalia Adillah Kamseh
Siti Alya Umairah Bte Ramlan
Shirin Nazihah Binte Sallehuddin
Lim Hai Jie Nicole
Muhammad Hilman Bin Eddie Shah
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