Diploma in Arts & Theatre Management


Production Management

Scope of Work

"Sonder” immersed audiences in an innovative performance installation, showcasing five poems from “Poetry Moves: An Anthology of Poetry” under the theme ‘Sojourners,’ envisioned for Poetry Festival 2023. The experience, crafted to introduce poetry innovatively, targeted youth by guiding them through diverse environments. Through meticulous production management, coordination, and planning, the team ensured a seamless execution, utilising design elements like set, lighting, and sound to capture emotions and senses, fostering an immersive exploration of the poetic journey.

Team Members

Nur Fa'iqah Putri Azman
Woon Tian Jia Sherry
Chuang Geng Hui, Lynn
Danish Shah Bin Shahrul Shah
Sharman Raj S/O Kumar
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