Diploma in Media Production & Design

Symbiosis 2024 – Synergy


Scope of Work

Spanning almost a decade, SYMBIOSIS is an annual graduation event dedicated to showcasing the Final Year Projects of STA's Year 3 Students. The team focused on creating a distinct theme to be executed as a campaign with a physical two-day event. Each edition of SYMBIOSIS takes on a varied theme, this year’s theme aimed to create Synergy between all individuals. Weaving in the themes of Unity & Anarchy, SYMBIOSIS sets out to tackle the public’s perceptions of the arts, design and media scene in Republic Polytechnic.

Team Members

Carrie Lam Tze Ying
Soh Yi Fei Charmaine
Constance Ng Kai Yue
Haney Nadya Binte Rahimi
Tan Sok Leng
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