Diploma in Media Production & Design

“Uncover the hidden gems along TEL”


Scope of Work

"Discover the Hidden Gems along the TEL" is a transmedia marketing campaign for Stellar Lifestyle, aiming to enhance footfall and sales at Stage 2 TEL stations and Stellar@TE2 in Woodlands. The campaign features adorable cats guiding the audience to uncover hidden gems at each location while traveling to Stellar@TE2. It also includes a bingo game web-application with photo and quiz tasks for limited edition prizes, informative videos and advertisements, social media posts, and an interactive AR filter to amplify awareness.

Team Members

Koh Fong Seng Darren
Giggs Tan Boon Siong
Muhammad Husam Abdul Ghani Taufiq Siraj
Ng Gracia
Rena Cheong Si Teng
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